Ing. Jan Lazar

  • „HR is 80% craft. When you master it, neither the sector nor the position matters anymore.

  • „The interim manager has 14 days to perform within the new environment, the employee has 3 months.“

  •  „You meet a lot of great people in every company. In each, you will also meet people you don’t have to. The advantage of an interim manager is that he can work effectively even with those who are lazy, because he knows that it is not forever.“

  •  „An interim manager is ultimately not expensive. He adapts quickly because he has already dealt with most situations somewhere and is used to acting, not waiting for instructions.

  • „HR done well” brings companies a significant competitive advantage – not only in the form of lower labor and transaction costs, but above all thanks to more motivated and efficient employees.”

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Who am I ?

I have been working in HR in various positions for almost 20 years. During that time, I have dealt with almost every imaginable situation – from mass recruitment through setting up various personnel processes to organizational changes.

I am hardworking, responsible and use common sense. I consider my ability to quickly orientate myself in a new environment, my focus on results and my ability to deal with people to be the key to success in individual roles. 

The result of my activities are optimized personnel costs, effectively set HR processes and motivated employees.

Member of the steering committee of the Czech Association of Interim Management (CAIM) and People Management Forum.


Kdo jsem

V HR působím na různých pozicích již téměř 20 let. Za tu dobu jsem řešil téměř všechny představitelné situace – hromadné nábory, nastavování všech personálních procesů nebo nebo organizační změny.

Jsem pracovitý, zodpovědný a používám zdravý selský rozum. Za klíč k úspěchu v jednotlivých rolích považuji svoji schopnost rychlé orientace v novém prostředí, zaměření na výsledek a schopnost jednat s lidmi. 

Výsledkem mých aktivit jsou optimalizované personální náklady, efektivně nastavené HR procesy a motivovaní zaměstnanci. 

Jsem členem řídícího výboru České Asociace Interim Managementu (CAIM) a People management fóra. 


How can I help?

Interim HR

Temporary performance of managerial and executive roles (HR Director / Manager / Business Partner / Specialist) for the period necessary to find an ideal employee or for the duration of parental leave (3-18 months).

Setting up personal processes

Audits and implementation of processes in the field of recruitment, training, remuneration, performance management and employee motivation.

HR Support

Organizational changes, strengthening the good name of the employer, employee satisfaction, outplacement, individual and group coaching, …

Workshops / Trainings / Events

Defining company strategy, action plans following the results of employee surveys, field trips, team building events.

Chosen references

More detailed info available on request.
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Delivery within the CZ/SK/Hungary/Poland/Germany


Interim HR, s.r.o 
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